Cold Care Wellness Collection

Purpose: To help open up the chest and lungs, soothing the senses, helping to relieve cold symptoms.

Essential Oils:        Basil (Sweet);  antibacterial, anti-fungal, astringent,  Chamomile; Anti-inflammatory, calms, soothes, 

Clary Sage;  grounding, rooting in the earth, focuses energy on spleen, liver, stomach, anti-inflammatory,  Marjoram;  warming agent, antiviral, muscular strains, anxiety, asthma,  bronchitis, headaches,  Peppermint;  relives pain, clears congestion/complexion, regulates oiliness, promotes nerve health, Petit Grain; releases congestion, Rosemary; astringent, 

Tangerine;  removes toxins, improves immune system, increases circulation,  Violet;  stimulates circulation.

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