Rose Mask


The calming and strengthening power of rose petals and Rose Damask essential oil combines with the moisturizing and antimicrobial power of raw honey to create a mask that heals, soothes, deeply moisturizes, strengthens, and combats acne.

Usage:  Warm 2 Tablespoons of Rose Mask in a water bath.  For best results, lay a towel down, lay head on the towel, wrap your hair in a towel as well.  Cover eyes with dampened cotton rounds, apply Rose mask on face, neck and along decollete, leave on for 20 minutes.  Rinse and apply appropriate WMA Salve.  If you love baths this is a wonderful mask to apply in the tub and you just rinse it off in the tub and you get two wonderful soaking experiences, the added bonus of Rose petals, Rose Absolute Essential Oil and Clover Honey from Washington State.

Ingredients: Clover Honey from Washington State, Rose Damask Absolute Essential Oil, Rose Petals.  

For external use only.

8 oz., (limited time only 8 oz vs 4 oz).  100% Natural

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