Immune Boost Bath


Ingredients:     Grapeseed Oil,  Olive Oil; Helps maintain strong levels of Vitamin E which is a great helper in delaying aging, protects against free radical;   Vegetable Glycerin; Soothes and softens skin, moisturizing, Organic Sake high in Kojic Acid, antibacterial, anti-fungal action. 

Essential Oils:  Frankincense; soothes, promotes regenerating, heals, replenishes nourishment, balanced state; 

Juniper Berry anti-bacterial, nervine,  helps relieve  congestion in chest, sinuses, and lungs, antiviral;    Ginger; warming, stimulates circulation, slightly phototoxic, good for morning sickness, cramps, upset stomach, moisturizing and balancing properties    Valerian; calming, combats fatigue, relaxes muscles; Tea Tree; fights infection, soothes skin disorders, purifying, anti-fungal, antibacterial;   Vanilla; soothing, calming, warming;  Fir Eucalyptus;  Kills infection, boosts immune system, calms inflammation.

Fill a bath with as warm of water as you can stand. Just before you get in bath add 20 pumps and soak for as long as possible, 10-45 minutes.

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